Adventures in blogging 1

17 Apr

So I started this blog, but I haven’t really been blogging or I guess jumping through other blogs. I tend to read a lot, but I’ve never really gotten into searching and reaching blogs, until the other day.  Then, I stumbled into this blog.

A neat blog about things. I spent a few minutes running through the archive. Just, something about archives makes me read them.

Which turned me onto

And then I got lost for an hour just looking at stuff. Though this isn’t as bad as or

Rolex Projext X Stealth Watches

I want this watch and I don’t even wear watches.

Blast Boxers

Oh the days I could have used extra protection on my err boy parts. Like seriously, there’s a conspiracy to have every guy in the world get hit and double over in pain, at least once in his lifetime. Last time I got floored, I lost my shoes from the impact. Next time I get hit that hard below the belt; it will be my shirt flying off first and bursting into flames.

Hlaska Evergreen Billfold

Now that is a nice wallet. My current one has a hole now. I think I’ll get it an- wait, it’s $150? I’ll settle for a cheap one instead.

Mr. Tee

Ha, this is nice. It’s Mr.Tee. See becaus- no wait, I would just kill the joke by explaining it.


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