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Writing prompt 1

29 Jun

Here’s a writing prompt I got from a guy I know. Write a 20-line poem (rhyming or non-rhyming) dedicated to your favorite piece of clothing (could be a shirt, hat, shoes, etc.). Instantly I knew I had to write  it. The rhyme starts over on each block.

Dear shirt of mine,

That’s white,

Not mean

And oh so clean,

With sleeves to warm,

And collars to wear.

You’re not in shreds,

Still made out of threads,

I’ve had you for years,

Through some tears,

And fears.

Made from cotton not fleece,

That I’ve had for many years,

I had to wash you today,

With the silks.

Among some pants,

In a closet you lay,

For storage and recovery.

Until you are,

No more.


Sheep 4

26 Jun

Sheep sheep go to sleep,

Stop peeping at that…. jeep.


I got this rhyme from a guy I know from the Monster Hunter wiki named Raven.

Sheep 3

24 Jun

Some crows at a bar,

Decided to row a far,

To a place of fleece,

For war with sheep.

Sheep 2

22 Jun

I was once meek,

But now I’m geek,

I have some sheep and they must eat,

But they’re not quite at their peek,

And they won’t be for fear of me.

Sheep 1

20 Jun

The absurdity is complete,

For in place of some sheep,

We have to meet,

With the developers,

On Acorn street,

Adventures in blogging 2

19 Jun

Okay, here’s a cool blog about buildings or cities and other stuff of that nature.
The post that got my attention was about abandoned buildings.  The photography is good.

Some of these buildings give off a Silent Hill feeling.

This reminds me of an area in the middle east. I don’t remember the country, but there’s suppose to be a country that has a lot of old abandoned ships because the river in that area was blocked off so the Soviets could use the land for growing. I saw a film on it in Geology.

The rest of the blog is just as impressive. Here’s the link.

Rambling rhyme 1

17 Jun

I tend to ramble,

like I tend to wander,

and while I wander I will wonder,

and when I wonder I tend to ramble.