Writing prompt 1

29 Jun

Here’s a writing prompt I got from a guy I know. Write a 20-line poem (rhyming or non-rhyming) dedicated to your favorite piece of clothing (could be a shirt, hat, shoes, etc.). Instantly I knew I had to write  it. The rhyme starts over on each block.

Dear shirt of mine,

That’s white,

Not mean

And oh so clean,

With sleeves to warm,

And collars to wear.

You’re not in shreds,

Still made out of threads,

I’ve had you for years,

Through some tears,

And fears.

Made from cotton not fleece,

That I’ve had for many years,

I had to wash you today,

With the silks.

Among some pants,

In a closet you lay,

For storage and recovery.

Until you are,

No more.


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