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Sheep 8

31 Jul

Have you meet any sheep?

I have and they’re quite neat,

Organizing pansies or posies for girls,

Why they even made a starter for a company of 4,

Who won an award for “true blue comp two”,

In a contest of threes there were placed in first.


Sheep 7

29 Jul

If I’m sleep then I’m missing my sheep,

But if my sheep are asleep,

Then they’re missing their meet,

At the pond near the beach,

In 30 minutes deep,

They were gonna reach their defeat,

Unless they beat the crows carrying the meat.

Rambling rhyme 4

26 Jul

I’ll take an apple,

I said to the girl,

Who replied they would have some trees,

So I asked why they would,

And her reply was because of the street,

On fifteen and fourth,

They ran out of apples because of the man with sixteen teeth.

Rambling rhyme 3

23 Jul

I’m sad, depressed, and I must confess,

For the cause is numerous,

As quick as I got it,

I lost it,

A tick of gold and true,

But I’m not a prick,

So I’ve be the wick,

For the candle,

And rather then dangle I’ll tango,

With the flames or tinge of victory.

Rambling rhyme 2

10 Jul

If trees are free then we must flee,

For fear of trees,

That attack with leaves,

For the ferns have lust for our blood,

Some oaks want folks,

To make into forks to feed their mulch.

I read this article a few too many times today.

Sheep 6

6 Jul

I heard from someone

That word on the street

That my sheep were in the heat

Outside on the street

Burning up in their fleece

Sheep 5

2 Jul

There’s a bowl three feet from me

But my sheep have stolen it with their feet

For the in the bowls I laid some meat

And it tasted like some cheese