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27 Mar

Testing a reblog, small(er) blog but with some decent writing it would be awesome.

Sleeping Coffee

I feel that this one is a bit better than my last.


As I entered her room and quietly close the door behind me, I felt a jolt of energy rush through me. The drugs were kicking in and I could feel me mind slipping into that all too familiar state. My thoughts turned into one focused stream, like a river running full force ahead with no chance of stopping. My head was clear of everything but the task at hand. I knew exactly what I had to do to pull it off, and exactly how everything should go. I reached into my bag and pulled out a syringe that I carefully looked over to ensure that it was full of a drug designed for my task, a powerful paralytic that I had a pharmacist buddy of mine cook up, it can paralyze a person for hours and leave…

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17 Mar

If they are there then

I have three of me

But indeed I must flee


15 Mar

In my plea for peas

I flew to Manhattan

In the ions and piers that grew tired of pain


13 Mar

Pain in shame, Oh name the game

Emotions are blunders for they have been murdered

The emotional pain for ignoring them stains

But I know not the emotion because they have all been slain


10 Mar

Oh Fortuna my love

O’ Fortuna my hate

The human error doth make my shame

Your slight hate of fate effects me I hope

My hope for, My prayer for skill

Are deterred by human incompetence

I fear my blunders are all luck and skill


7 Mar

An overnight student knows no remorse

His foe shall be slain with lead upon face

No shame for the sleep he has beget for the kill

After all why feel shame for sleep when he is asleep?


Oh forlorn soul…

3 Mar

Oh forlorn soul, the fragment piece

Your life unknown, there was defeat

The design sublime to exclude you so

Do you gather with others to share your grief?

Are there piles for you or are there bins?

The lost fingers and toes you call your own

The unknown ears to match the snot less nose

Does anime hate you thus?