Hey, got questions? Click here.


here’s an f.a.q. If it’s too long and you want a summary then;  writing blog, sheep, fortuna, musings of a college student.

Here are some standard questions and answers about the blog:

1. “What is this blog about?”

First,  this is primarily a writing blog.  I  figure I can post some commentary on things and maybe write a short story or poetry. Also I have a few pages of drawings. Geeky stuff ya know?

2.  “Why the silly name?”

Second, I like silly names. I got shirtfused from a typo.  I was talking to a guy who online called himself  “a little on the shirt fused side” instead of short fused. I like the name and seemingly everyone else does as well.

3. “No, I meant why ‘he who needs sleep?’

Third, I got a bad habit of not getting enough sleep. The name kinda reminds me of some of the Native American Names. Like Sitting-Bull or Stabs-you-in-face.

3. “And who is this sexy article of clothing and what size is it/he/she?”

Third, I’m Shirt_fuse(d) or Shirt for short. I am a size large. White color. Unisex. And I do not like being worn. Everywhere I go someone is trying to wear me. Conspiracy? I think not!

4.”There’s nothing here? How about an update schedule?”

Fourth, woah err how do I answer that? Maybe I’ll post things monthly? I think random posts are more my style. There are also times when I set up something a month advance so it varies based on my laziness.

5.”Well since there’s nothing little here; how about something that describes how you write or draw?”

Fifth, hey that’s a good question. By some odd logic I draw only cute stuff; I tried trying something scary and random people passing called it cute. I’m cursed. As for writing I like interpersonal relationships and my style is soothing and flowing… like? I don’t have a good way to describe it. Keep checking.

6. “Wait, if you’re a shirt for real? How does that even happen?!”

Sixth, a magic tailor did it. What’s a good way to put it… I’m a shirt that by some unknown logic or design has the intelligence to write and feel on the human level. I operate in a closet modeled after the entrance way to Narnia. As for the tailor; he left a note and has not been back in years.  I would like to say I know where but his hand writing was always horrible. “Squids are therefore found in jungles and fused to sharks upon pants” and that is about what I can make out from the note. I think he left to go fight a dressmaker in Germany.

7. “Okay smart guy; who are you really?”

Seventh, aww I thought the joke was moderately funny. Though, I have a dry sense of humor. I am a college student. So I study, read, sleep, read, and whine about not getting enough sleep.

8. “What’s with all the talk about sheep?”

Eight, honestly I have no idea. When I start rhyming I keep coming back to sheep. I guess it’s because my favorite syllable is “eep” right next to “ork”.


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