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7 Mar

An overnight student knows no remorse

His foe shall be slain with lead upon face

No shame for the sleep he has beget for the kill

After all why feel shame for sleep when he is asleep?


Oh forlorn soul…

3 Mar

Oh forlorn soul, the fragment piece

Your life unknown, there was defeat

The design sublime to exclude you so

Do you gather with others to share your grief?

Are there piles for you or are there bins?

The lost fingers and toes you call your own

The unknown ears to match the snot less nose

Does anime hate you thus?

Procrastinator’s Prayer

17 Oct

For life on pier,

through veins of blood,

I tire away on fields,

I pledge no more,

for I have sung,

on days of ire,

on through the sun.



I have no end,

but I will forget,

a name,

a plane,

or maybe a Dane.



For a procrastinator waits,

his worries aflame,

with no delight,

but he prays for fame.



In the joy he found,

on a day with rain,

he should have spent it,

on maybe some pain.



In the work he ignored,

in the worry he gave into,

in the rush he was given,

there was no day of gain.

When the king is a jester, his queen shall be named Lester

30 Sep

The king of fools is not amused,

Though forlorn his muse,

He’s often left bruised,

In his place called hues,

With it’s shades of blues,

He needs to pay some dues to Horton Who,

His honor stained by some pas dues?

No his stain is tardy for he is often naughty,

He plays his life as a series of dues,

Always late per plate,

A chain of dues shall take a lute,

In exchange for some loot,

With late fees on his overdues.

Sheep 8

31 Jul

Have you meet any sheep?

I have and they’re quite neat,

Organizing pansies or posies for girls,

Why they even made a starter for a company of 4,

Who won an award for “true blue comp two”,

In a contest of threes there were placed in first.

Sheep 7

29 Jul

If I’m sleep then I’m missing my sheep,

But if my sheep are asleep,

Then they’re missing their meet,

At the pond near the beach,

In 30 minutes deep,

They were gonna reach their defeat,

Unless they beat the crows carrying the meat.

Rambling rhyme 4

26 Jul

I’ll take an apple,

I said to the girl,

Who replied they would have some trees,

So I asked why they would,

And her reply was because of the street,

On fifteen and fourth,

They ran out of apples because of the man with sixteen teeth.