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27 Mar

Testing a reblog, small(er) blog but with some decent writing it would be awesome.

Sleeping Coffee

I feel that this one is a bit better than my last.


As I entered her room and quietly close the door behind me, I felt a jolt of energy rush through me. The drugs were kicking in and I could feel me mind slipping into that all too familiar state. My thoughts turned into one focused stream, like a river running full force ahead with no chance of stopping. My head was clear of everything but the task at hand. I knew exactly what I had to do to pull it off, and exactly how everything should go. I reached into my bag and pulled out a syringe that I carefully looked over to ensure that it was full of a drug designed for my task, a powerful paralytic that I had a pharmacist buddy of mine cook up, it can paralyze a person for hours and leave…

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Adventures in blogging 2

19 Jun

Okay, here’s a cool blog about buildings or cities and other stuff of that nature.
The post that got my attention was about abandoned buildings.  The photography is good.

Some of these buildings give off a Silent Hill feeling.

This reminds me of an area in the middle east. I don’t remember the country, but there’s suppose to be a country that has a lot of old abandoned ships because the river in that area was blocked off so the Soviets could use the land for growing. I saw a film on it in Geology.

The rest of the blog is just as impressive. Here’s the link.


Adventures in blogging 1

17 Apr

So I started this blog, but I haven’t really been blogging or I guess jumping through other blogs. I tend to read a lot, but I’ve never really gotten into searching and reaching blogs, until the other day.  Then, I stumbled into this blog.


A neat blog about things. I spent a few minutes running through the archive. Just, something about archives makes me read them.

Which turned me onto http://uncrate.com/

And then I got lost for an hour just looking at stuff. Though this isn’t as bad as http://en.wikipedia.org/ or tvtropes.org/.

Rolex Projext X Stealth Watches

I want this watch and I don’t even wear watches.

Blast Boxers

Oh the days I could have used extra protection on my err boy parts. Like seriously, there’s a conspiracy to have every guy in the world get hit and double over in pain, at least once in his lifetime. Last time I got floored, I lost my shoes from the impact. Next time I get hit that hard below the belt; it will be my shirt flying off first and bursting into flames.

Hlaska Evergreen Billfold

Now that is a nice wallet. My current one has a hole now. I think I’ll get it an- wait, it’s $150? I’ll settle for a cheap one instead.

Mr. Tee

Ha, this is nice. It’s Mr.Tee. See becaus- no wait, I would just kill the joke by explaining it.